Because of her diverse experience, Lynn can work with you through all aspects of your unique vision and project. Lynn and her team can provide the following services.


Combining apartments & lofts to create a single, new, harmonious space, reconfiguring existing floor plans to create better flow, re-defining space through new materials, and designing space from the ground up.

Interior Design and Décor:

Creating the overall look and feel, from selecting new materials & finishes to defining the overall space; selecting new materials & finishes to define specific spaces like kitchens and bathrooms; creating a harmonious color palette; and selecting furniture, furnishings & lighting, wall covering, window treatment, and accessories.

Construction Management:

Overseeing the construction team – general contractor and sub-contractors, as well as specialty consultants & fabricators.


Securing Department of Buildings approval and construction permits, and securing Co-op/Condo Board approval.

Custom Furniture Design:

Creating fine custom furnishings and lighting when the exact right pieces do not exist or cannot be found.

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